Retrolux’s story is a weird one as far as band origins go: the two met on craigslist in 2012 in the hopes of forming an indie band and nothing came of it. Then, years later, they ran into each other at a party and something new clicked. Soon after a second attempt, Retronym (now Retrolux) was born.


Gainesville’s music scene is better for it. Their sound hovers somewhere between pulsing electronica and soft indie rock, occupying a similar niche to a band like CHVRCHES with music as easy to dance to as it is to lie back and drift into daydream with. And they’re in their infancy, having only formed in 2015 and signed with us in middle-2016. With a solid fan-base growing, an exciting chemistry between vocalist/lyricist Anna James and producer Maynard Shaye, and new music currently in production, Retrolux’s prospects are looking up.


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