Vice President , Matt Fowler  and President,  Mika Sheerin

 Vice President, Matt Fowler and President, Mika Sheerin

The Savants of Soul Director,  Casey Williams

The Savants of Soul Director,
Casey Williams

flipturn Director ,  Tali Ursel

flipturn Director ,
Tali Ursel

alumine Director,            Rachel Howard        

alumine Director,          
Rachel Howard      

Retrolux Director,    Lexi Aulabaugh

Retrolux Director,   Lexi Aulabaugh

Artist Teams

These teams take care of our heart and purpose: our flagship artists. They work together as a full-fledged consulting and marketing agency, equipped with a public relations team, marketing team, graphic design artists, and booking/A&R personnel. Working directly with our artists, they brainstorm ideas, find opportunities, and execute strategies to place our flagship artists in the best position for success in the Gainesville music scene and beyond.

Booking and A&R Director,  Kyle Miller

Booking and A&R Director, Kyle Miller

Booking and a&r team

This team acts as the liaison between our roster of local artists and the venues or organizations that want to showcase their talent. They book the artists for all Swamp Records’ events, and work alongside our artist teams to book tours and local shows for our flagship artists. They also produce Swamp Sessions and Swamp Records compilation albums to highlight local talent.

Branding Director,  Marielena Gonzalez

Branding Director, Marielena Gonzalez

Branding team

The branding team works to ensure that the Gainesville community knows what’s up and what’s good in the local music scene. Through creative campaigns, this team helps Swamp Records coordinate promotions, produce engaging content, and recruit artists and staff. In addition, they manage Swamp Records’ website, social media platforms, newsletter, and music accounts to keep the Gainesville community informed about the city’s thriving music scene.

Events Director,  Kyle Kocinski   

Events Director, Kyle Kocinski 

Events TEAM

The events team brings the Gainesville community together through a shared love of all things musical. By developing and planning creative and exciting events, they forge lasting bonds between Gainesville’s local music talent and the community that birthed it. Duties include working alongside venue owners to plan and prepare events and collaborating with the business relations team to secure funding and sponsors. Most importantly, the events team handles Swamp Showcase, Swamp Records’ annual event, which brings together artists from all over the state for a memorable night of Florida jams and community bonding.

Business Relations Directors,  Mireya Orozco and Vero Balli

Business Relations Directors,
Mireya Orozco and Vero Balli

Business relations TEAM

Money makes the world go round, and our business relations team keeps our organization up and running. This team oversees Swamp Records’ finances, budgets, documents, and contracts, while developing and maintaining relationships with local businesses and venues for collaborations. The business relations team also helps obtain sponsorships, donations, and funding for Swamp Records events and explores royalty and contract options for subscription services in order to help artists make decisions about cash flow.


Street Team Directors,                                       Camille Graham   and Kelsie Walker

Street Team Directors,                                      Camille Graham and Kelsie Walker

Street TEAM

Our Street Team serves as the foot soldiers of our organization, making sure the University of Florida community is aware of Swamp Records, our artists and events through handing out fliers, announcing at various social gatherings and other guerilla marketing tactics. They also assist with curating content for our newsletter, Reprise, Spotify, and social media, 

Co-Editor/Branding Director,  Anika Huda  and Editor-In-Chief,  Champe Barton

Co-Editor/Branding Director, Anika Huda and Editor-In-Chief, Champe Barton


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