The Delta Troubadours (formerly known as Gritt) are one of our newest flagship artist and a blues rock powerhouse. They evoke the tough, loud grit of a backwoods Louisiana garage band and their music crackles with fervent electric guitar solos and booming vocals. Lead singer Gytis Garsys’ singular voice inflects their sound with something modern, though, reviving and revamping their pure rock core for a new generation.


Garsys and band members Jonathon Franklin (Bass), Max Rowe (Drums), and Ian Heausler (lead guitar) met in high school and kindled a relationship bouncing around Gainesville’s music scene after attending the University of Florida. They organized as Gritt in 2014 and quickly launched themselves into relevance, performing at One Spark, Gasparilla, and Margarita music festivals and winning Tioga Town Center’s Battle of the Bands. They signed with us in fall 2016, and since then have become our second flagship artist to win a spot on the Okeechobee Music & Arts Festival lineup. 


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